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This site gets it's domain name (273k) from the melting point of water on the kelvin scale, 273.15 K (Kelvin) which is 0 C (Celsius) or 32 F (Fahrenheit).


CycleRecorder (Hardware and software project)

Cycle Gallery

Irish Cycling and Road Traffic Legislation

Irish Cycling Opinion Piece

Irish Cycling Accidents Locations of Dublin Cycling Accidents Irish Road Traffic Statistics

My Cycling Times

Dublin Cycling Campaign


Graphs of Irish Collistion Statistics


GSM Pages

Much Older Stuff

Mayday 2004


IrishWAN - WiFi & 3G Summit 2003

IrishWAN - Notes on setting up a PPTP VPN on Debian

Want to have a good discussion about technology, come along to a Dublin 2600 meeting.

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